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Are Baum Bats approved for Perfect Game events?
  As of 2016, Baum Bats are approved for all Perfect Game events again. Get yours and join Team Baum!
Are Baum Bats BBCOR approved?

All standard weighted composite wood bats by Baum Bats that are -3 or below are BBCOR approved.

Baum Bats in Dick's Sporting Goods.
  Baum Bats are coming to Dick's Sporting Goods in 131 locations across the nation! Visit our Find A Dealer page to find a store near you!

Choosing the right size composite wood bat

Choosing a bat, particularly the right bat, is a very important part of the baseball process. What might work well for one player on your team doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right bat for you. So, what goes in to selecting the perfect bat?

Obviously, the bat you choose should feel perfect in your hands. Hitting is dependent on mentally knowing that the bat you're swinging doesn’t just feel good but great. There are three things from a technical side that need to be considered before making the investment in your bat.

1. Weight

This is probably the most important part of the decision process. Swinging a bat that is too heavy is just as detrimental to success as swinging too light of a bat. BBCOR Certified bats sold by Baum are minus 3. This means the weight of the bat is three ounces under the length of the bat. For example, if you purchase a 33 inch bat the weight is going to be 30 ounces. All BBCOR Certified bats must fall into the minus 3 range. If you're wondering what size of bat to purchase for your son, watch him swing it a few times. If your son is 12U and under, have him swing the bat at game speed a few times. If he can maintain good balance then the bat should be ok as far as weight goes. Kids that swing too heavy of a bat at those ages have a hard time maintaining good balance on their finish. The bat should feel light to the hitter.

2. Length

Obviously the longer the bat is, the heavier the bat becomes. Length comes in a distant second in as far as importance goes in determining the size of bat. It’s great to have a long bat, but if the bat is too heavy for the hitter, the length advantage is severely compromised. Baum Bats come in eight different lengths. You can choose from 30, 31, 31.5, 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5, and 34” models.

3. Barrel Size

For younger hitters, we recommend for a game bat the biggest size allowable for your league. Hitting is hard enough. Take advantage of the technology. For older kids, the league will determine the diameter of the barrel. High school rules allow 2-5’8. As your hitter approaches high school age, he should use that barrel size.

* Off Season Bat *

For an off-season bat we recommend a wood or wood composite bat. The old saying still holds true, "if you can hit with wood, you can hit with metal”. With Baum now offering not only the top wood composite bat in the industry, but also our new all wood models in the same length sizes as mentioned above, you can’t go wrong purchasing your next bat from Baum Bat.

* Showcase Bat *

If your player has been invited or is planning on playing in any of the big show case events like PERFECT GAME or USA BASEBALL, Baum Bat is the ticket. Take advantage of the technology that a Baum wood composite bat provides its users.

With one of the longest bat guarantees in the industry, it is also one of the few wood composite bats certified for use in these events. If your player is scheduled to play in even a handful of the ever-increasingly more popular wood bat tournaments being offered, check out the selection of wood and wood composite bats offered by Baum Bat!

Get yours today and join the Baum Squad!

Composite wood bat dealer inquiries
  Are you interested in selling the Composite Wood Bats by Baum Bat or a team/league looking for discounts? Go to our contact us page to reach out. We are currently working on distribution possibilities and opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you.
Composite wood bat verses a solid wood bat

Many people ask what type of bat should I hit if my focus is wood bat only baseball? should I invest in a composite wood bat or a solid wood bat given the price difference. First there are different types of composite wood bats. Some composite wood bats are labeled as such since they are built using wood and other materials with less intent of simulating a wood bat experience in other words some do not sound like wood or feel like wood but many look like wood. One of their primary functions is to increase durability beyond a typical wood bat.

The Baum Bat AAA Pro composite wood bat is designed to look, sound, and feel like wood and have the maximum performance allowed within the BBCOR .50 specification while having unmatched durability. Hit other composite wood bats and then hit the Baum Bat you will hear the sound of wood, get the familiar feel of wood and see how much further the ball travels. The Baum Bat will outperform all others while giving the wood bat experience. The BBCOR specification numbers demonstrate it, the AAA Pro was tested by the NCAA’s verification lab located at WSU and is at the maximum allowable number of .50, if you are not hitting a Baum Bat you are giving away distance on the field of play.

Custom colored Baum Bats.

You requested it, and we listened. Now joining our original black bat are the following:

  • Matte Black
  • Gun Metal Matte Grey
  • Dark Blue
  • Lighter Blue
  • Dark Red
  • Dark Brown

That's 6 brand new, never been sold before colors!

Now there's a color for everyone, so order yours today to join Team Baum and go yard!

Do Baum Bats break?

With the AAA Pro Model Baum Bat, you will save money because you will not have to buy another wood bat all season! You will without a doubt become a better hitter and prove to coaches, scouts, and fans you can hit with a wood bat.

Thousands of Baum Bats have been placed in worldwide service in professional baseball, collegiate summer leagues, colleges and high schools. All reports indicate the same thing - the AAA Pro Baum Bat is a wood bat, except it is far more durable.

Thousands of hits were attained on some bats while maintaining the inside-jam pitch effectiveness due to bat sting and wood-like ball exit velocity. Umpires, fans, coaches, and players could not tell any difference in the game, and most importantly the hitters noticeably improved at the college and high school level while maintaining the game as it was designed.

A designed combination and clone of the five most popular Major League hardwood bats, the AAA Pro Baum Bat hits, feels, looks and sounds exactly like wood, with a maximum diameter of 2.505" and a sweet spot diameter of 2.473". Length to weight ratio of -3 guaranteed weight.

The major difference is durability. Imagine not having to replace your wood bat every 20-70 swings when it breaks! This is without a doubt the most durable bat in baseball. The Baum Bat has no equal! The Patented AAA PRO model Baum Bat is the only true high-tech wood composite bat that is BBCOR Certified and legal for high school and collegiate play.


-3 Length to Weight Ratio Approved For Minor League Game Use By Major League Baseball

Ash Wood Exterior Shell Barrel Size of 2.505" BBCOR Certified - Approved for H.S. and Collegiate Play

Composite Reinforcement Surrounding Core Foamed Plastic Core

Free Shipping NCAA, NFHS Approved Standard Knob

Do you sell used Baum Bats?
  Sometimes we sell used baum bats or clearance baum bats. If available, they will be a option in the shop store online. If not, then none would be available. Find our composite wood bats on clearance by Baum Bat.

How do you care for your composite Baum wood bat?

Taking care of your Baum Bat will increase the overall life and durability. Baum Bats are known to last for years for players who take care of them. Here are five things you can do to extend the life of your Baum Bat:

1. Do not hit your Baum Bat against your cleats

2. Do not hit anything other than real leather baseballs.

3. Do not hit water logged balls of any kind

4. Do not drag your Baum Bat on the ground

5. Do not hit your Baum Bat against metal or wooden fence posts, as this will void your warranty.

Returned bats are examined very carefully for damage. Any signs of negligence can void the warranty.

Is there metal in a Baum Bat?

There seems to be some confusion on what the composite material is in a Baum Bat. As to make sure we don't give away any trade secrets, we won't divulge exactly what is used to create the number one composite bat on the market. However we do want diffuse the rumors of any kind of metal in our bats. There is not, nor has there ever been, a metal rod, tube or anything else made of metal in a Baum Bat.

Should I swing my Baum Bat with the label up?

Did you know you don't have to swing a Baum Bat with the label up?

That's right - a Baum Bat is made of wood composite material, so there's no defect even if you hit it on the label. There is no specific direction the label should be pointing when hitting. Just grab your lumber and swing for the fences!

Other bat companies instruct you to swing their bat with the label pointed in a certain direction. With a Baum Bat, that is not a concern.

What are Baum Bats approved for?

Baum Bat composite wood bats are BBCOR approved, so our bats are sanctioned for use at all youth levels as well as the high school and collegiate levels.

Professional players with MLB organizations are approved for short season and rookie ball.

Our bats are also:

  • Perfect Game approved
  • BBCOR approved
  • NCAA, NFHS approved
  • MLB approved for Short Season and Rookie Ball
  • American Amateur Baseball Congress

Baum Bats have no metal in the bat since 1993.

What are the differences between our Standard and Flared knobs?

Our composite wood bats have different styles of knob:, standard and flared. Our standard knob is what you see on most standard metal bats. The handle of the bat remains the same width right to the knob of the bat. Our flared model is different in this way. The handle near the bottom widens or flares out near the knob.

Is one knob better than the other? No, just a preference for some hitters and an option for our customers

Hint: If you have a standard model knob Baum Bat and you think you might like a flared knob, here's what you do. Take some athletic tape and wrap it around the bottom of the handle so that the amount of tape is equal to the size of the knob. Then decrease the amount as you go further down the knob.

Where can I find the White Lightning?

You voted, we listened.

Say hello to your newest electrifier, your go to on cloudy days, White Lightning a bat as strong as you.

The newest addition to our lineup is built with the same material and engineering that you’ve come to know and trust. A composite wood bat that hits like wood, feels like wood, reacts like wood and is 400 times stronger than a traditional wood bat.

The White Lightning is exclusive to for a limited time. Check out the video below to watch those guys try to #BreakTheBaum

Who is #TeamBaum?


Ask yourself, do you stay later to put in the necessary work? Are you constantly learning? Do others look to you for support and strength? Then, you may be #TeamBaum.


Your alarm is ringing, it's 6 a.m. Others are sleeping, but you're lacing your shoes to go on your morning run. At breakfast, you only eat food that fuels your cause - to be the world's strongest. You race from your meal to the field, where you train, and train, and train; staying later to get in a few more hacks.

During the season when your friends ask you to go out, you turn them down. You have a day of training ahead, and in order to take it to the next level, you need your rest. You’re relentless. You’re fearless. You don’t quit because when the going gets tough, you get STRONGER.


Baseball is more than part of a game; it's life. This is the game you live, eat and breathe. You're a sponge - a student. When theirs a game on, you're learning. When you're on the bench, you're learning. When a teammate gets out because they didn't freeze on a line drive, you're learning. When the coach asks you how many outs there are and you don't know, you're learning.

Great players never stop learning, and you get that. You know that physical errors are going to happen, it's the mental errors that matter. You keep others accountable and strive to make others around you better.


You know that when you're stronger, the team is stronger. And that becoming the world’s strongest means building a strong team.

It’s about the work you’re putting in when no one else is there. It's understanding that someone is always watching, and leading by example. Being the player who sprints to his position when everyone else is walking, you're always hustling, pushing others.

It’s the team over everything; you want your team to be better, so you're better. If any of the above sounds like you, then you are a member of Team Baum.

#TeamBaum. Now recruiting.

Why hit a Baum Bat AAA Pro instead of a solid wood bat

why hit a Baum Bat AAA Pro instead of a solid wood bat? The overall philosophy of its design is to replicate the characteristics of a solid wood core while having 100% complete control of the process. There is no guessing as to what the density of the core might be or is there a defect in the grain underneath the surface. Every Baum Bat has a synthetically generated and controlled reinforced carbon fiber polymer core designed to specific requirements. This allows us to control the moment of inertia of the bat without changing its overall profile, shape or density of the core. With most wood bats if you want a lighter barrel you have to reduce the overall diameter or length of the hitting area making it harder to have a solid connection with the ball or change wood types to a less dense species which can reduce overall energy transfer when impacting the ball (take power away). One of the most important areas of a solid core bat is the handle area and its transition to the barrel of the bat. The Baum Bat is designed to flex during the hitter’s power motion towards the ball storing the energy the hitter has produced and then releasing it back into the barrel at impact with the ball. Wood bats have a similar characteristic but since grain direction and wood density is different from bat to bat the performance and feel can be different from wood bat to wood bat even within the same model type. This is the reason why many hitters have told us over the years that they have had a favorite solid wood bat but when it breaks, and they get the same model many times it just does not feel the same. Every Baum Bat feels the same since the design and manufacturing process is always repeated from bat to bat. Speaking of breaking bats, one of the most important reasons to hit a Baum Bat is its durability which is unmatched. The Baum Bat is 400x stronger than a typical pro stock grade solid wood bat. You can take balls out on the end or in on the hands and the Baum Bat will hold strong and produce a base hit on many occasions where a solid wood bat would often fail.

In conclusion the intent of the Baum Bat is to give the hitter the best possible wood bat experience while having increased durability and performance above all other types of solid wood or composite wood bats. The Baum Bat has been the standard for over 25 years by which all others are compared against, get one for yourself and give it a try.

Why pick a composite wood bat from Baum?

1. Our Baum Bat is the choice for any player who has a relentless desire to get better. Players know that a Baum Bat will stand up to the test of time, Not only does the Baum Bat make a great cage bat for the hours of hitting it takes to be a successful hitter, but it can also serve as a game bat.

2. Why choose Baum Bat? The idea that if you can hit with wood, you can hit metal has stood up to the test of time. Thousands of players from across the country with the influx of wood bat tournaments are turning to the Baum Bat for their off season training bat as well as game bat. A Baum Bat, because of its construction, feels and performs like a wood bat. The composite material used in the bat gives its users an advantage because of the increase in size of the "sweet spot". Balls hit just off the sweet spot of a normal wood bat many times don't produce hits, whereas the same swing using a Baum Bat finds our sweet spot and balls that are hit harder have better odds finding some green grass.

3. With one of the longest Warranty programs in bat manufacturing, our Baum Bat out performs all other wooden bats. Why buy a cage bat and a gamer when you can just buy one Baum Bat and have both areas covered? The technology in our bat far exceeds any other wood composite bat on the market. Players across the country are jumping on board from youth ball to high school ball, college and even professional baseball are joining the Baum Squad.

4. Parents, if it's time for a new bat for your player, Baum Bat can be your only choice. Regardless of the level your player is at, using wood or wood composite bat is good for your player's development. We all know the mental part of hitting goes a long way into the success of any hitter. A player knowing he is swinging the most technology advanced wood composite bat on the market can be the difference in success and failure. Baum Bats have been used by college and pro teams nationwide since 1993.

5. For a hitter, there is nothing in the world better than seeing a line drive come off their bat to drive in a couple of runs in a big game. Being able to use the same bat in the cage where you spend hours preparing for a big game and then take that bat into that game is a big psychological advantage for a hitter. Knowing that the bat you are swinging has a bigger sweet spot that a normal wood bat gives a hitter the freedom to cut it loose and swing with confidence. Add to that the Baum Bat is made with aerospace materials and is by far the most technology advanced bat in this classification on the market.

6. If your player is looking for performance, durability, technology and production from his bat, then Baum Bat is the only choice. Need a bat to hit with in the cage? Baum Bats warranty is the leader in the industry. Do you need a bat for games? The performance of the Baum Bat is unquestionably the best of all wood or wood composite bats on the market. You ask about versatility? Do you have the size I need? Baum bat has you covered with size from 30 to 34 and half sizes at 31, 32 and 33. 32 inch and above sizes are all BBCOR Certified and are sanctioned at the big time showcase events like Perfect Game and USA Baseball. We also have two different style of knobs to choose from to make this bat feel great in your hands.

Why swing a Baum Bat?
  Why should I swing a Baum Bat? In this video we will share the most popular reasons people swing Baum Bats, the best wood composite bat, used by most pro teams since 1993.

How do I contact you?
  Please click here for our company contact information.