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Composite Wood Bats Baum®Bat Limited 4 Month Manufacturer *Customers responsibly for all duties & taxes outside US

Warranty and Care Information



Care of your Baum®Bat…

Remember to take good care of your bat by NOT tapping your cleats against the bat. Do NOT hit or throw the bat against any foreign surface such as: fences posts, dugouts, rocky surfaces, cement steps, etc. These actions cause dings and chips, and damage the surface of the bat. Also Do NOT use any dimpled cage balls, old water soaked real baseballs or any synthetic baseballs of any kind. If Baum finds any evidence of the above actions your warranty would be void.  Warranty is covered for individual bat use only and warranty is VOID for multi use or team bats.     


The warranty is ONLY valid for our AAA-Pro and Monster model bats and is good for
FOUR MONTHS from the date of purchase and ONLY good with a copy of original receipt. Warranty applies to a bat used by a individual user. Warranty is covered for individual bat use only and warranty is VOID for multi use or team bats.     

The Baum®Bat Limited Warranty provides for repair, replacement, discount (at manufacturer's option) of any Baum®Bat exhibiting structural failure due to a manufacturing defect, which adversely affects the performance or durability of the bat. Baum Enterprises reserves the right to refuse service to any person whom the Warranty Department deems abusing its products or warranty policy.

The failure must have occurred during use with real baseballs (NOT POLYBALLS), and be the direct result of a manufacturing defect.

The warranty does not cover cosmetic surface or structural conditions resulting from normal wear and tear, abuse or neglect.

The warranty is valid for all domestic amateur baseball use, covering bats purchased directly from the manufacturer's website that were sold and shipped to a domestic address, or purchased from an authorized domestic dealer.

All returned bats will be examined by Baum Enterprises and at its sole discretion a determination will be made. This opinion is not challengeable by any party. Once the bat is returned it becomes the property of Baum Enterprises and cannot be returned to the original owner; as it may be necessary to cut the bat apart to determine if there is a manufacturing defect. We also have the right, to provide a percentage off your next purchase as a goodwill gesture, if our technical team is unable to determine cause of failure.

Bats are to be returned to the manufacturer at the customer's expense together with orignal receipt, a TYPED letter detailing the failure, your return shipping address, your full name, email address, phone number and your domestic dealer receipt 

International warranty returns purchased through Baum Bat authorized dealer.
Please fill out Warranty Form. Return to original International Dealer where BaumBat was purchased.

Under NO circumstances will our liability exceed the original purchase price of the bat.

There are no other warranties, written or implied.


Returns carry a 20% restocking fee and available, if returned bat has been unused 

Warranty replacement bat carries NO Warranty, with NO option to purchase an extended one. The 4 month manufactures warranty only applies to the first bat purchased from the day it was shipped from our facility.