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Research & Development

The AAA Pro Model Baum®Bat was developed to meet requirements as articulated during 1991 by personnel of Major League Baseball teams and the Office of the Commissioner. These parameters became the wish list for the specifications of the ideal training/game bat for all of baseball. The perfect wood bat! This ideal bat has revolutionized baseball world wide, returning the game to "wood like" as it was intended to be played.
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These three photos above are examples of the 2000 frame per second digital camera research that Baum Research & Development conducts. This pioneering work has led to our Patented (#5,868,578) Batters Analysis Testing System and other instructional improvements for hitters of all skill levels. We see what no one else sees.
Patented Baum Hitting Machine

The Baum Hitting Machine

The patented (#5,988,861), state-of-the-art Baum Hitting Machine can determine, with extreme accuracy, batted ball exit velocity for any bat/ball combination to a combined speed of 200 mph.

This is a screen photo of the copyrighted data sheet automatically generated from the Baum Hitting Machine high speed data acquisition system after each hit.

This is a high speed camera capture of a 93.3 mph batted ball approaching the exit target perfectly. This target is over six feet from the point of impact. The pitch speed used was 70 mph and the bat swing speed was 68 mph.

Here is another image from our high speed camera sessions. In this shot, a high school athlete combines the Rocket Training Program with a AAA PRO Baum®Bat.

Independent Test Results:

At the request of Major League Baseball, Tufts University, under the direction of Professor Robert Collier, conducted an exhaustive materials performance and technical evaluation comparing the Baum AAA Pro Model with the C-271 hardwood models. In the report Professor Collier said:

"In summary, both field and laboratory experiments demonstrate that the Baum AAA Pro Model wood composite bat is comparable to a professional C-271 wood bat in dynamics and performance. The AAA Pro Model has, on the other hand, proven to be far more durable with regard to both strength and maintaining its performance levels after sustained hitting."

As a follow-up, Tufts University in Massachusetts has re-evaluated the production models for durability of field results compared to the standard C-271 model. Their conclusion:

"The Baum AAA Pro bat continues to perform at the same level confirming the results of durability testing carried out last Fall in which performance was unchanged after more than 2,000 hits."

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