Our Story

Since 1993, Baum Bat has been the leading manufacturer of wood composite baseball bats in the world. By respecting the game of baseball and keeping with the tradition of wood bats, Baum Enterprises has been able to blend different aerospace materials and wood to create the most durable composite wood baseball bat still to this day. Our Products are the result of over 20 years of intensive research and development in materials science, physics and mechanical engineering.

Steve Buam | Composite wood bats

Steve Baum, original founder of Baum Enterprises, came from humble beginnings in Traverse City, Michigan. The product that bears his name, Baum Bat, revolutionized the game of baseball. Since the 90s the Baum Bat has been approved for minor league play by Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). Our Baum Bat is BBCOR and Perfect Game approved. The Baum Bat offers all of the qualities of a wood bat but with unmatched durability.

More technology and engineering goes into the manufacturing of the Baum Bat than meets the eye. The Baum Bat is constructed around a carbon reinforced plastic unitary core which softens the feel of mis-hits on the handle and end of the barrel yet makes the ball explode off the bat when hit within the giant sweet spot. Many of the same materials found in the F-22 Raptor jet fighter, B-2 Spirit Stealth bomber and many other military aircraft are integrated into the design to create a competitive advantage to those who use a Baum Bat. Performance is not the only area which the Baum Bat excels in, We utilize a proprietary blend of different materials which adds additional strength to render the bat virtually indestructible.

In 2015, Baum Enterprises left its roots in Michigan and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. The company was acquired by Ben Boulware, former pro-baseball player. Keeping the bat to its founding principles is still the goal.

bumbatwoodbats.jpgExtensive research and development will always keep the Baum Bat on the leading edge and as technology and materials improve, so will the bat.

During the 20 years of research in creating a composite bat with the look and feel of wood but the durability only composites can provide, we also invested significant engineering resources in solid wood bat design in the areas of performance and feel.  As a result, it was a natural decision for Baum Bat to offer solid wood bats in both ash and maple and other wood species.  Whether a composite or solid wood Baum Bat, each one reflects the materials science, physics and mechanical engineering that go into making the Baum Bat the best bat in the game.