Best composite wood bats testimonials

Leader in the best composite wood bats and manufacturer of wood composite bats since 1993, below are a few examples about our composite bats. Our Baum Bats DO NOT contain metal or a metal rod, ever have, never will.

Twenty four year ago when I started scouting I was issued a 34” Baum Bats for my tryout camps. Twenty four years and hundreds of tryout camps and tens of thousands of swings later I still have and use the exact same Baum Bat and it is still as good as new. Additionally, numerous players use the same bat during winter workouts I run at local indoor facilities. This is the best testimonial you can ever give a product. It is as good as the day I got it and I recommend it for all players of any level. I used one in my off-season workouts when I played. Working with it will make you a better hitter with all the benefits of using a wood bat and it will last your entire career”. Ray Fagnant, former Red Sox minor league catcher and current Northeast Regional Scouting Supervisor

I remember my first encounter with Baum bats. We were handed them right after the draft as minor league baseball allowed their usage in rookie level leagues. I was amazed by their durability and more important, their extreme likeness to real wood bats. That year, Baum bats helped me capture the 1998 Appalachian League batting title. Although real wood bats were required from A ball and up, I still continued to use my Baum bat during batting practice and off season workouts throughout my 12 year major league career. Their durability and longevity makes it the #1 choice for composite bat users of all ages. In fact, my son and his 14 year old travel team chooses the BBCOR certified Baum Bat over metal bats in tournament play. Jack Wilson, 12 Year Former Major League Player

New Mexico went all wood/wood composite in the 2012 season.  The first player in our program to use a Baum Bat was Regan Ramos for his Junior and Senior year.  He holds the NM State Record (All Classes) for career hits (228), doubles(43), triples (26), RBI's (202) and is 5th with 25 career home runs. Coach Artie Sanchez Cobre Baseball Head Coach (2010-present) 2013, 2014 Back to Back AA NM State Champions

Last season I purchased a Baum Bat for my son Andru, a sophomore shortstop, and he hit .391 for the season and .469 in 12 District (Conference) games. In the quarter-finals I had our 8th place hitter Robert Rodriguez use his bat. Down by four in the top of the sixth, Robert hits a 3 run bomb to put us down by one. In the top of the 7th, with two outs and two strikes, he hits a solo home run to tie the game which were his first two home runs of the season and high school career. We ended up winning in the 8th inning with two more runs and advancing to the next round. All because of the Baum Bat. Coach Artie Sanchez Cobre Baseball Head Coach (2010-present) 2013, 2014 Back to Back AA NM State Champions Coach Artie Sanchez

Time tested product that has a wood bat feel that has durability of a wooden bat, best of both worlds. Swinging the wood bat, I believe is best way for an amateur athlete to find that more efficient swingMike Brumley, 31 Years Professional Coach and Player, Former Big League Player and Coach

This company has been synonymous with high level baseball for years making the best composite wood bat. Growing up, Baum bats were always relevant eveywhere we went. A truly great training tool that performs incredibly well in any type of game whether it be amateur or professional baseball. Jimmy Bosco, Professional baseball player

"Baum Bats are the best composite wood bats on the market. As the owner of one the biggest training facilities in the Seattle area, it never ceases to amaze me watching kids using wood bats for off season training purposes only to see them break within a week of purchase. Both my sons used Baum Bats growing up and continued to use them at the junior college level. You could say that the consistency of these bats help propel my two sons to the next level. One played D-1 baseball at Charleston Southern University and my other son was just drafted by the Seattle Mariners. Thank you Baum Bat for making the best bat my kids ever swung." Dave, Owner Rock Creek WA

"I started using Baum bats in high school during the off season. They became an integral part of my success at the junior college level. I had the same Baum bat for two years of JC ball. In fact, the whole team used them and we played in the Junior College World Series. My success there led me to the University of Tennessee where I was drafted last year. That same Baum bat is still in my bag and used as part of my off season regimen in pro ball." Taylor, Professional baseball player

"Everyone at my JC used composite wood bats by Baum bats. They never broke, cold weather was never a factor. They always had good pop. When I we had to go to BB Core at the D-1 level, I even preferred using my Baum bat to metal! Now as a hitting instructor, I try and encourage all my hitters to use Baum bats. Young hitters break a lot of normal wood bats and end up having to replace bats constantly. I try to get my guys and their parents to understand, it doesn't matter where you hit a Baum bat, they won't break.  I still use my old Baum bat when I teach at hitting clinics across the Northwest.Ryan- Former Division I Baseball Player, Northwest Elite Hitting Instructor

"As the hitting coach at Pierce College, I recommend that all my hitters make the investment in a Baum bat, composite wood bats. It is the bat of choice in the league we play in. It's pretty easy to understand why almost every player in a 32 team conference uses Baum bats. They have the pop of a metal bat with that great wood feel and sound. It's also a bat they can use for all their hitting needs. Some players have a practice bat and then a gamer. The consistency of the Baum bat enables hitters to use the same bat for tee work, front toss, batting practice as well as for games. I can't imagine why any player with goals of playing at the next level wouldn't use the best bat ever made." Billy- Former Professional Baseball player and Current College Coach 

 "I have been using my Baum throughout high school baseball. I just received a full scholarship to a JC and the first thing I'm packing is my Baum bat. Best investment my parents ever made in a bat." Daniel, Elite Washington High School Player

"I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with wood composite bat by Baum bats. As a person that breaks bats more than anyone I know, the idea of an unbreakable bat was very enticing to me. Even though I played games in cold weather and in the rain, where regular bats would have broken or rattled when I got it of the end, the Baum bat that I had stayed strong throughout. 

Another aspect of Baum bats that I really enjoyed was the perfect weight balance that ensured an easy, repeatable swing. When I made solid contact, the ball would jump off the bat and it seemed that as it aged, the more pop the bat built up. This is a very cost effective way to go if you are thinking about investing in a wood bat, because of the durability. You could either buy a bat for $100 and run the risk of breaking it the next day or buy a Baum bat and not have to worry about it breaking very soon before you got the use out of it that you expected. Baum bat was always my choice for wood bats, and if I still had the option I would choose Baum every single time." Ryan Wenatchee CC 

"I have always liked the balanced feel of the Baum bat. Although they are composite, they provide the feel of real wood. One of my favorite parts about the Baum is its durability.Leo (Marshall Baseball)

"I love the feel of it when you make contactMike Seattle U Baseball

"I have used plenty of wood bats over my 34 year career. A fellow teammate who purchased one of the original Baum Bats back in the early 90's told me that I should try the baum bat and that I should love it. He was right, but about the only thing I found was it was extremely light to me at 31oz for a 34". So I just ordered up a Monster 34 at a -0 to solve that weight issue.

P.S. That original baum bat is still in use for our MSBL games and can still go the distance" Crocket

"I ordered a few of these bats for a senior baseball team at the beginning of the season and so far the feedback has been great from everyone on the team. We were able to order 3 different sizes which covered a very broad spectrum of users (33.5", 33.0", and 32.5") which was awesome! The sales team (Mike especially) was very easy to deal with and knew a lot about the product. Very professional and courteous over the phone and via e-mail. Any questions I had were answered in a prompt manner and I look forward to dealing with them again next year when we put in another order. I would definitely reccommend these bats to anyone who wants something with pop and durability that is well-balanced. They are very expensive and most people will probably shy away from the price, but if you do choose to pay the extra money, it will be worth every penny you spend on them as the bats will last a very long time and you wont have to replace them as often as regular wooden bats." Justin

Just purchased one for my own personal use, have been swinging baumbats for 10+ years. Your teammates will burn through a dozen wood bats before you'll ever have to replace your Baum Bat. We still use our team bats for BP. Great Product!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying some time off baseball since the tournament.

It is not often that I will write a testimonial for a product. However, in this case I will. About two months ago after Kyle broke another wooden bat in Aldergrove he suggested that we try a Baum Bat because some of the other players were using them. I was a little taken back by the price but decided to go ahead and give them a try. After purchasing the bat and picking it up in Blaine Kyle had been using it for the past six or seven weeks.

In the final on Monday he hit a ball off the end of the bat. This caused the end of the bat to chip and I am assuming lose some balance and so on.

On Tuesday I looked at the warranty for Baum Bats and since we were still within the four months I decided to contact the company. I sent some pictures and my copy of the purchase receipt.

Two things:
1. They returned my email in under an hour.
2. After explaining that it was legitimate use and sending pictures of the damage within the warranty period, I received a UPS shipment statement showing that a replacement bat was on its way.

At no time did the company question my use of the bat for anything more than what it was intended for nor did I receive any runaround.

I mention this experience because I know that players may go through numerous wood bats over a season and surely a career. If you are considering a new bat for next season I highly recommend the Baum Bat. I think they are constructed well, are easy to swing and most importantly the company stands behind it's product.

Just purchased one for my own personal use, have been swinging Baum Bats for 10+ years. Your teammates will burn through a dozen wood bats before you'll ever have to replace your Baum Bat. We still use our team bats for BP. Great Product!

Ever since using Baum Bats in college, Santa Rosa Junior College, I've been in love. After moving into real life while still loving the game I was able to get in on a group order while playing in a NABA league in Bozeman Montana while pursuing education at MSU. I had that bat for about three years and it served me very well while in the wood bat league, one year leading the league in HRs. Unfortunately, I failed to grab the black bat after a twilight ending practice one night and once I relieved it and returned, it was gone. That was about three years ago and I've been missing it badly since moving to Reno, NV and playing in another NABA league for the last few years. I'd like to support your company, especially after the ownership change so that one day I'll be able to buy my son a Baum bat. I wish your company the very best, please consider my request. God bless, 

I just placed my order because of your quick, individualized response to my questions. Customer service like that is a driving force for me because it is also a big part of my job. I can appreciate the time and effort you put in to support your product. My son already has a wood bat but it's older and he can only swing it in practice. I think I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning being more excited to see him hit once we get the bat. Please continue your personalized service, it not only got me to buy the bat but I will also spread the word about my great experience with your company.